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Researchers like yourself spend at least 11 hours reading articles each week. dcyphr uses psycholinguistics and cutting-edge AI to generate research distillations that save you time and resources. Register for free to start requesting and contributing research distillations!

  •   Up to 83% time reduction
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dcyphr is for people

50% of published research goes unread. 74% of high school graduates are not prepared to take undergraduate STEM classes. 84% of Americans think there is a problem with scientific communication.

  For researchers  

We make browsing literature easy and enjoyable. Contribute distillations to make your research more accessible and impactful.

  For students

We help students break into research fields by allowing them to quickly grasp concepts instead of being weighed down by jargon.

  For everyone

We make research accessible and fun to read for everyone. We believe the public has the right to understand new discoveries.

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We're looking for driven and research-oriented individuals to join our team. Sign up as a freelance contributor or become a dcyphr research fellow.

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